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This page is the brochure for the university or program that you clicked on. Students cannot apply directly to universities participating in the Global E³ Program.

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  • Locations: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Program Terms: Semester A (&AY)
  • Program Sponsor: Global E3 
  • Universities in the Global E³ program do not accept applications directly.

    Go to "How to Apply" for information on the application process.
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Click here for a definition of this term Disciplines Available (engineering or related field): Bioengineering, Chemical, Computer, Computer Science, Electrical, Electronic, Industrial, Information Systems, Marine, Mechanical, Petroleum, Software Click here for a definition of this term Graduate Students Accepted?: Yes
Click here for a definition of this term Courses Available in English?: Yes
Program Description:

Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

University Info   |   Exchange Student Info

Fast Facts

  • Student union: Manages different kinds of activities - sports, social welfare activities, extra courses (e.g. language courses)
  • Human quality: Professors are easily accessible and students from the Buddies Program assist foreign students in adjusting
  • Student initiatives: Entrepreneurship business forums developed by students
  • Research: Laboratory and workshops opportunities under tutored supervision
  • Location: Perfectly located in downtown and campus can easily be reached by public transport


Since its creation as a private university in 1959, Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) is well known for its calling for innovation, technology and academic excellence. The successful labour performance of more than 7,000 professional graduates is the best support to ITBA’s academic proposal.

ITBA offers the following undergraduate courses:

Industrial Engineering, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering, Business Administration and Information Systems, Business and Social Analytics.

In turn, the Graduate School aims at updating and deepening professional training focusing on different training areas, including among them: Economics and Finance, Operations, Management and Leadership, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Oil, Gas and Energy; Technology, Society, Law and Environment and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

Terms of Exchange

Study Level

  • Undergraduate students: Accepted
  • Graduate students: Accepted
  • Computer Science majors: Accepted

Eligibility Requirements

Students must have a B1 Spanish level.

Language of Instruction

All courses at ITBA are taught in Spanish. Hence, applicants must have completed at least 2 years of Spanish at university level by the time of application. Students who do not meet this requirement will be accepted contingent upon successful completion of the Intensive Spanish Course at ITBA.

In 2013, ITBA started offering courses in English. For a list of courses offered in English, please contact the International Relations Office.

Study Period

First Semester (March-July), Second Semester (August-December), or Academic Year

Semester Dates (including exam period)

The Academic year runs from March to December and is divided into two semesters: the first semester takes place from March to July and the second semester from August to December.

Academic Calendar
1st Semester March- July
Intensive Spanish Course February
Orientation Three days prior to the start of class
Classes first week of March- last week of June
Midterms mid April
2nd. Midterm mid June
Final Exams 2 weeks in July
2nd Semester August- December
Intensive Spanish Course July
Orientation Three days prior to the start of class
Classes first week of August- last week of November
Midterms mid October
2nd. Midterm mid November
Final Exams 2 weeks in December

Academic Information

Disciplines Available:

  • Business Administration and Information Systems
  • Business and Social Analytics
  • Bioengineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering

Restricted Disciplines and Courses

Postgraduate subjects or courses are available to foreign students if there are places available and if the students have the pre-requisite courses to take them.

Course Contents

Undergraduate   |   Graduate

Enrollment Requirements

Students must take at least 60% of their courses at their study level (e.g. undergraduates must take at least 60% undergraduate courses).

Workload per Semester

All exchange students are required to take a minimum of 12 ITBA credits per semester in order to be considered full time students. Students can take up to 24 credits per semester although we do not recommend it. Most exchange students take between 12-18 credits per semester.

Additional Application Materials

Students nominated by IIE to ITBA must also submit the following:

  • Spanish Test
  • Application Form
  • Motivation letter indicating reasons why you want to study at ITBA (in Spanish or English)
  • Original transcript of grades issued, signed and sealed by the home University. Must include all courses taken
  • Copy of first two pages of the passport
  • List of courses in progress
  • Double degree students must include a certified copy of their High School Diploma

Recommendation letter from a professor or academic staff:

  • NOT Required

Acceptance emails will be sent to students and their home school advisors approximately 6 weeks after receiving a complete application. 


ITBA does not offer on-campus accommodation. Hence, each student is responsible for making his/her own living arrangements.

The suggested accommodation includes different types of housing available for students in the city of Buenos Aires: hostels, bed + breakfasts, student residences, home stays, apartments, and hotels.

ITBA is not affiliated with any of these resources and will not be held liable for any problems arising from a student´s stay there.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Estimated Cost of Living

A list of estimated living costs for your stay can be found in the linked Fact Sheet.


Office Responsible for International Exchange Students

International Relations Office

If you are a foreign student, you can contact our office Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 7 PM (GMT -3).

Address: Iguazù 341, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: +54 9 11 4407-0111

City Info

The city of Buenos Aires is truly fascinating due to its cultural and social diversity and richness. The "Paris of South America" combines European style with a Latin feeling, and delights visitors and locals alike with its hundreds of statues, parks and plazas, cafes, bookstores, theatres, and world-class restaurants. There is always something to do in this city where soccer matches, concerts and tango shows happen every day of the week, and gather the gregarious "porteños" (Buenos Aires inhabitants), who love meeting in public spaces.

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Universities in the Global E³ program do not accept applications directly.

Go to "How to Apply" for information on the application process.