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Global E3 / AE3 Presentations &  Session Highlights

All presentations and documents linked below are in Adobe PDF format, and are no larger than 1.2 MB.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


New Attendees Welcome Session and Orientation
Radisson Hotel, Walnut Room


Welcome by Gertrud Humily (GE4) & Peggy Blumenthal (IIE)

Mitchell Auditorium

New Member Presentation

Mitchell Auditorium

University of Connecticut - Reda Ammar
Arizona State University - Jeff Goss, Stefanie Bobar

Update on Numbers

Mitchell Auditorium

IIE - Vijay Renganathan
GE4 - Gertrud Humily

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


8:45- 9:15
Official Welcome

Mitchell Auditorium

Selcuk Guceri, Drexel University (Dean)
Julie Mostov, Drexel University (Associate Vice Provost)

Plenary:  Globality and Reality: Putting Theory into Practice
Mitchell Auditorium

New Member Presentation

Mitchell Auditorium

Working Session #1 - Concurrent Sessions

Strategies for Developing Corporate Sponsorship with Economic Development as a Filter
Mitchell Auditorium
James Cross, Clemson University (chair)
James Crowley, INP Grenoble
Jonah Kokodyniak, IIE
Guide for Global E3/AE3 Students, Professors and Staff
Bossone 302
Gertrud Humily, GE4 (co-chair)
Peggy Blumenthal, IIE (co-chair)
Isabella Dufour, Ecole des Mines Albi
Amy Henry, Georgia Institute of Technology


Working Session #2 - Concurrent Sessions

Coping with the Unexpected
Mitchell Auditorium
Kay Godel-Gengenbach, Colorado School of Mines
Alexandra Robison, Universidad Pontifica Comillas
Faculty Roundtable: Integrating Study Abroad into the Engineering Curriculum (No Presentations)
Bossone 302
Allen Greenwood, Mississippi State University (moderator)
Alberto Oleaga, Universidad del Pais Vasco
James Cunningham, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Robert Brehm, Drexel University
Kevin Scoles, Drexel University


4:15- 5:00
Plenary: New Online Application Preview
(No presentation)

Mitchell Auditorium

Vijay Renganathan, IIE
Steve Sweitzer, TerraDotta
Brief introduction to the new online application system.
Throughout the rest of the conference attendees will have the opportunity to be trained on the new site and online application system in small group learning sessions. Participants will sign up for a training session after this presentation.

Poster Session and Informal Networking
Bossone Lobby wedge

Thursday, 23 April 2009


Working Session #3 - Concurrent Sessions

Improving Collaboration Between Study Abroad Administrators and Engineering Faculty:  Developing Programs that Work for Students
Mitchell Auditorium
Kristine Lalley, University of Pittsburgh (chair)
Amy Conger, University of Michigan
Teresa Finis, University of Illinois Urbana
Elizabeth Mayer, University of Erlangen
Tiina Vuori, Tampere University of Technology
Faculty Roundtable: Increasing Student and Faculty Participation (No Presentations)
 Bossone 302
Lester Gerhardt, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  (moderator)
Pierre de Saqui-Sannes, ISAE
Adam Fontecchio, Drexel University
Randy Collins, Clemson University
Antonios Zaviliangos, Drexel University


Working Session #4 - Concurrent Sessions

Speed dating: Semester-Long English Programs: Create Your Match! (No Presentations)
Mitchell Auditorium and Bossone 302
The Purpose of this session is for partners to sit down together to begin outlining possible semester long English programs. We will provide meeting space so that schools interested in creating, for example, a fall semester program for Chemical Engineers in a Spanish speaking location can meet.
Course Validation 101 - Bring Your Course Descriptions and Syllabi! (No Presentations)
Bossone Lobby and 3rd Floor study space
During this session partner schools will have the opportunity to sit down and look at the actual descriptions of courses/modules/classes offered by their international counterparts.  Use this time to begin the course evaluation/validation process and to understand the curriculum of your international counterparts. Bring course descriptions and syllabi!


1:45- 3:00
Student Panel:  How Has Study Abroad Affected Your Perspective?
(No Presentations)

Shawn Talucci, Architectural Engineering
Alexander J. Moseson, Mechanical Engineering

Plenary:  Industry Panel Presentation: Funding, Sponsorship, etc.

"The Role of International Experiences in Developing an Engineer"
Mitchell Auditorium

Gilles de France, 2France Marine, Vice President GE4
Daniel Eclache, CEO Phode, France
Joe Lamack, Manager of the Global CDP Program, Air Products
Rose Meshell Francis, IBM Global Technology Services
William Harlam, IBM Global Technology Services

Friday, 24 April 2009


Working Session #5 - Concurrent Sessions

Summer Programs 101 - Let's Do It!
(No Presentations)
 Mitchell Auditorium
Jim Cross, Clemson University (facilitator)
Olivia Key, HS Munich (facilitator)
This is your opportunity to sit down with partner schools to help create new summer programs that will allow engineers to get their feet wet in their possible host countries. Come with your ideas and your wish list. We will provide meeting space to facilitate the collaboration.
Helping Students Adjust to Life @ Their Host Institution
Bossone 302
Jean Landa Pytel, Pennsylvania State University (chair)
Karin Knuttson, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
Dawn Steele, Nanyang Technical University

Speed Dating Results - Semester and Summer Sessions.
What did you Accomplish? Next Steps?

Mitchell Auditorium

Steps to continued success, final thoughts from IIE and GE4, etc.

Mitchell Auditorium

Announcement of 2010 Meeting - INSA Lyon

Mitchell Auditorium

Plenary:  Future Directions and Challenges/Official Closure of Meeting

Mitchell Auditorium


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