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  • Locations: Bilbao, Spain
  • Program Terms: Fall / Academic Year, Spring
  • Program Sponsor: Global E³ 
  • The online application is currently closed. Please see the announcements for information on when the next application cycle will open.
Fact Sheet:
Disciplines Available (engineering or related field):
Chemical, Electrical, Electronic, Industrial, Materials, Mechanical, Telecommunications
Graduate Students Accepted?:
Courses Available in English?:
Program Description:

Universidad del País Vasco
Bilbao, SPAIN

University Info   |   Faculty of Engineering Info   |   English Website

Office responsible for International Exchange Students

International Relations Office

Language of Instruction

All courses are taught in Spanish. An increasing number of courses are also taught in English and some in French. Courses are also taught in Basque (the local language). 


The Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao was founded on 1897. We are a public institution offering graduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies in a wide range of fields: mechanics, electric and electronics, energetics, aeronautics, telecommunications, chemical, environmental, industrial management, robotics and automatic control, materials, etc.

There are around 3,500 students mainly coming from the Basque Country. We are a bilingual country (official languages are Spanish and Basque), Spanish being the main language of communication in Bilbao and in the Faculty.

High profile research, a strong relationship with industry and a wide offer of international programmes are our major characteristics, as well as the specific engineering training that we are offering. All combined, that's why we are the Faculty of reference in the north of Spain. Our engineers are highly demanded and the average time to get a first job is about three months once they obtain their degree. Our engineers are highly demanded and the average time to get a first job is about a month once they obtain their degree.

Our location is superb, in the very center of the city, well linked by underground, tramway, buses or local trains. Our international airport is linked to the main hubs in Europe, so it is easily accessible from anywhere in the world.


Study Level

  • Undergraduate Students: Accepted
  • Graduate Students: Accepted


Students can come either for the whole academic year, or just for a semester, be it fall or spring.

Research Projects can be developed in any of our departments, for a semester (shorter periods might be agreed upon). If a student comes for a whole year he/she can take courses on the first semester (fall) and make an internship in an Industrial Company on the second (spring). But, for an internship, the student must have previously studied at least three years of Engineering and a high knowledge of Spanish.


Spanish Proficiency

At least medium level is required. If the student is taking courses only in English, it is recommendable to have at least a basic knowledge of Spanish to manage on a daily basis in the city.

Disciplines Available

  • "Ingeniería industrial" , which comprises
    • Mechanical Eng.
    • Electrical Eng
    • Manufacturing Eng.
    • Mechanical Design
    • Industrial Design
    • Energetics Eng.
    • Nuclear Eng.
    • Hydraulics Eng.
  • Telecommunications and Electronics
  • Chemical and Process Eng.
  • Environmental Eng
  • Industrial Management Eng.
  • Automatic Control Eng.
  • Materials Eng.

Additional application materials?

  • Application form
  • Learning Agreement
  • Official Transcript of University Records

When will students receive their acceptance package?

Acceptance packages will be sent about 2 weeks after applications are received.


Semester Dates

  • Fall : early September to late January 
  • Spring : late January  to mid-June
Academic Calendar

Course Contents

Course descriptions   |  Courses offered in English   |   Course Timetables

Spanish Language Course

During the first two weeks of September, before the first semester starts, there is an intensive Spanish course free for exchange students

Workload per semester

A workload of about 25-30 credits (as a maximum) per semester is recommendable for an exchange student.

Grading System

Spanish Grade Definition
10 HONOURS: Maximum grade meaning a global understanding and performance, with no errors at all.
9-10 EXCELLENT - Outstanding performance with only minor errors
7-8.9 GOOD - Above the average standard but with some errors
5-6.9 PASS - fair but with some shortcomings
0-4.9 FAIL - Significant shortcomings, not reached the minimum criteria

Academic Transcripts

A transcript of records will be sent to the student and to the Academic Advisor at the university of origin approximately one month after the end of the exchange period.


Is on-campus accommodation available to exchange students?

We are a Faculty in the very center of the city. Students can choose between sharing rented apartments with other students (the most common situation) or staying at one of the residences which are scattered in the city.

Our HELP CENTER FOR VISITING STUDENTS help foreign students to find accommodation. For more information, please visit their website,  or send them an e-mail at:

When can exchange students move in to the Hall of Residence?

Varies depending on the type of accommodation.


Entry Visa

Please inform yourself at the Spanish Consulate or Embassy in your home country about the entry and residence regulations for citizens of your country. USA citizens need a VISA for the moment.

Health Insurance & Immunizations

Foreign students must have their own Health Insurance (this is compulsory) and present a copy of it on arrival. No immunizations are required.


When should I arrive?

The Faculty offers an orientation session before the semester starts. The student will be informed about the exact date.

Is airport reception available?

We have a Buddy Programme in which 2 local students are assigned to every foreign student. They get in touch before the student comes and help him/her on arrival.

Is there any bank on campus?

We are in the very center of the city. There are many banks around us.


Food/meals 300 euros/month


Shared room in a flat: 300-350 euros/month
Residences: see information above on accommodation

Local transportation

The Faculty is linked by underground, tramway, buses, local trains to everywhere.  There are reduced tickets which it make it very affordable. About 40 euros/month.

Academic expenses (e.g., books, stationery) Approximately 300 euros/semester

Personal expenses 100 euros/month

Other administrative fees  None


Office responsible for International Exchange Students

International Relations Office

Relaciones Internacionales
Escuela de Ingeniería de Bilbao
Plaza Torres Ouevedo, 1
48013 Bilbao (Spain)

Phone: +34 946014014, +34946018228

Fax: +34 946013939

Vicedean for International Relations
Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao
University of the Basque Country

Prof. Charles Pinto



Bilbao is the main city in the Basque Country (north of Spain), with about 350,000 inhabitants, which makes it a medium-size and friendly city, with a very lively cultural and social atmosphere.  It was founded in 1300,  and is presently one of the main cities in Spain as well as the business capital in the north of the country. Close to the sea and surrounded by hills and mountains, it combines an urban style with countryside and seaside surroundings to enjoy your leisure time or practice sports (surfing, mountaineering, hiking, cycling ...). Our most recent landmark is the Guggenheim Museum, established in 1997, which attracts visitors from all over the world.

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The online application is currently closed. Please see the announcements for information on when the next application cycle will open.