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Programs and Host Institutions : Brochure

This page is the brochure for the university or program that you clicked on. Students cannot apply directly to universities participating in the Global E³ Program.

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  • Locations: New York, NY, United States;
  • Program Terms: Fall / Academic Year, Spring
  • The online application is currently closed. Please see the announcements for information on when the next application cycle will open.
Fact Sheet:
Disciplines Available (engineering or related field):
Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Computer Science, Earth System Science, Electrical, Environmental, Mechanical, Sustainability in Urban Environment
Graduate Students Accepted?:
Program Description:

City College of New York
New York, NY

University Info   |   School of Engineering Info

Office Responsible for International Exchange Students

Office of Study Abroad & International Programs


The City College of New York was originally located at 23rd Street and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. In 1907 the College moved to its present location on St. Nicholas Heights in Northern Manhattan. The campus occupies 35 acres along Convent Avenue from 131st Street to 141st Street.

CCNY is a comprehensive teaching, research, and service institution dedicated to accessibility and excellence in undergraduate and graduate education. Founded in 1847, the College is the oldest urban institution of higher education in the country, with a sustained mission of offering affordable access to higher education to the people of New York. City College gives its diverse student body opportunities to achieve academically, creatively, and professionally in the liberal arts and sciences and in professional fields such as engineering, education, architecture, and biomedical education.  The College is committed to fostering student-centered education and advancing knowledge through scholarly research. As a public university with public purposes, it also seeks to contribute to the cultural, social, and economic vitality of New York. 

There are programs for students interested in architecture, the arts, education, the humanities, social sciences, science, biomedical education or engineering including range of high impact minors and majors and graduate programs numbering 150 and growing. City College also offers 13 doctoral programs in Engineering and Science.  The undergraduate student to faculty ratio is 13 to 1. With an enrollment of more than 15,500 students, City College boasts one of the most diverse student populations in the United States. Approximately 30 percent of CCNY students were born abroad, more than 100 languages are spoken on campus, from Spanish and Haitian Creole to critical languages such as Arabic, Hindi, Farsi and Mandarin, and the College enrolls a large percentage of first generation Americans (and first generation college students).


Study Level

  • Undergraduate Students : Accepted
  • Graduate Students : NOT Accepted
  • Computer Science Majors : Accepted


Fall, Spring, or Academic Year


English Proficiency:

TOEFL or IELTS scores are required for incoming international Global E³ students where the language of instruction is not English.

Minimum TOEFL scores:

  • Paper-based - 590
  • Computer-based - 243
  • Internet-based - 96
Minimum IELTS score: 6.5

Disciplines Available:

Biomedical Engineering (BME) is the application of engineering principles and physical and mathematical concepts in medicine and biology.
• Bachelors of Engineering • Masters of Engineering • Doctor of Philosophy, Engineering (within CUNY)

Chemical Engineering (ChE) is a field that is developing rapidly in many challenging and exciting areas such as biotechnology, electronics, materials, and nanotechnology to name just a few.
• Bachelors of Engineering • Masters of Engineering • Doctor of Philosophy, Engineering

Civil Engineering (CE) is the oldest and most respected discipline of all engineering fields. Civil engineers design, build, and manage the infrastructure of civilization, and other public works.
• Bachelors of Engineering • Masters of Engineering • Doctor of Philosophy, Engineering

Computer Engineering (CpE) is the study of the design, analysis, information systems, network administration, and application of computer systems.
• Bachelors of Engineering

Computer Science (CS) deals with information: its storage, retrieval, and processing; its communication, control, and manipulation; its analysis, recognition, and display.
• Bachelors of Science • Masters of Science • Doctor of Philosophy, Computer Science • MIS

Earth System Science & Environmental Engineering (ESE) is designed to equip the workforce with professionals trained to understand and effectively address major emerging environmental issues and implement scientific and engineering solutions.
• Bachelors of Engineering • Bachelors of Science

Electrical Engineering (EE) involves the design of components and systems, ranging from the smallest computer chips to large communication systems that reach into intergalactic space.
• Bachelors of Engineering • Masters of Engineering • Doctor of Philosophy, Engineering

Mechanical Engineering (ME) professionals deal with a wide spectrum of topics ranging from cell mechanics to the design of huge launching pads for space vehicles.
• Bachelors of Engineering • Masters of Engineering • Doctor of Philosophy, Engineering

Sustainability in the Urban Environment deals with emerging approaches in each of the disciplines of architecture, engineering and science, and prepares students to adapt old, and advance new generations of buildings, open spaces and urban infrastructure.
• Masters of Science in Sustainability

Additional application materials? No

When will students receive their acceptance package?

End of preceding semester to their arrival


Semester Dates

  • Fall: late August to late December
  • Spring: late January to late May

Academic Calendar

Course Contents

Course descriptions   |   Schedule of classes

Course Enrollment Requirements

Students must register for at least 75% of courses in the College of Engineering. Students will not be permitted to take courses at other schools in the City of New York (CUNY) system unless the courses are related to engineering.

Workload per semester

All international students must register for a full time course load (12 for undergraduates, 9 for graduates) each Fall and Spring semester.

Grading System

Letter Grade Grade Points
A+ 4.00
A 4.00
A- 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3.00
B- 2.67
C+ 2.33
C 2.00
C- 1.67
D+ 1.33
D 1.00

Academic Transcripts

  1. Official Transcripts - These are mailed directly to employers, colleges and other institutions. 
  2. Official Sealed Transcripts - Official copy issued to the student in a sealed envelope, to include with other documents.  Name of institution and contact person only. This MUST be provided to process request.
  3. Student Copy - Unofficial copy given to student.  Only currently enrolled students may obtain a student copy of their transcript from E-Sims.


Is on-campus accommodation available to exchange students?

Limited Availability. Learn more about CCNY Towers.

When can exchange students move in to the Hall of Residence?

Limited Availability.


Entry Visa

All inbound exchange students need a visa to enter the United States. After you have been accepted as an exchange student by your home university you should begin filling out City College’s non-degree student application which includes the J-1 application forms.

Health Insurance & Immunizations

Students are suggested to purchase health insurance meant for international students through providers such as ISO Insurance.

Exchange students must also comply with the immunization requirements that apply to matriculated students.


When should I arrive?

Two weeks prior to semester

Is airport reception available?

Is there any bank on campus? 

Several near campus.


Food/meals – $500 per month

Housing - $800-$1000 per month

Local transportation $109 for MetroCard month-long pass

Academic expenses (e.g., books, stationery) $300-$500 per semester

More information is available via the housing website.


Office Responsible for International Exchange Students

Ninive Gomez
Assistant Director, Study Abroad
The City College of New York, CUNY
Office of Study Abroad & International Programs
North Academic Center, Suite 5/216
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031 USA

V: (+1) 212.650.5494
F: (+1) 212.650.5841

New York City is the largest city of the United States of America.  It is an economic, educational, and cultural stalwart in the world as an Alpha++ global city.  The city is comprised of five unique boroughs, each containing its own highlights in cultural institutions and events, museum, universities and colleges, gastronomy, public parks and beaches, and touristic attractions.  It is the most popular destination for international students in the U.S.

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The online application is currently closed. Please see the announcements for information on when the next application cycle will open.